After 30 years in the refrigeration industry. Mike Awalt, finally acted on a along time dream of producing art wth copper. Having lived in Florida since the early 70's diving and sailing the waterways of the state has influnenced his work greatly. You will be right there with him as he takes you through his journeys with the art creations of Herons, Palm Trees, Lighthouses and Mangroves.

  Forming sheets of copper and tubing by hand, Mike brings the copper to life, twisting and turning it to become beautiful Florida art. He heat treats and patinas the artwork to bring the natural beauty of Florida to each piece. Mike's work can be displayed indoors or outdoors.

   Mike and his wife Judy are living in Lake County Florida. They are currently doing Fine Art Show in Florida, but paln to expand to other states. They are very excited to get on the road and bring the life to Florida into your home. Founded on integrity and honesty, we target what our customers want. Browse through the site and judge for yourself why those who purchase from Dimensional Copper LLC love our products and services.



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